What My Clients Say

  • Francis Stewart
    I cannot recommend Suzanne highly enough. Suzanne provided a calm environment in which I felt very safe to explore some emotional issues that had bothered me for many years. Through the use of Tapping I faced and dealt with these issues and as a result feel so much happier.. Sometimes just being able to off-load with someone independent and with whom you feel confident and safe is wonderfully cathartic. Thank you Suzanne!
  • Mr. GK Smith
    I would like to thank Suzanne for being so understanding and helping me to discuss personal issues which I find very difficult to do, and by breaking them down into small pieces which made it possible for me through the use of EFT to release negative emotions I didn't realize I had been holding onto over many years.
  • Bryan Jones
    I went to Suzanne having unwillingly come to the end of a 12 year relationship. I was not in a very good state of mind and I had been struggling for 5 months. Suzanne offered me comforting counselling along with EFT and the results were quite amazing. She helped me find calmness and brought clarity to my mind that has previously felt clouded. She showed me how to control problems with anxiety I was experiencing and how to cope a lot better with stress. I am now able to cope with my workload a lot easier and with a much clearer mind. Family and friends have noticed a huge difference and I now feel in a much better place.
  • Lynn Mann
    I experienced extreme grief after losing a very dear family member. More than 3 years had passed and I was still struggling to move on, so I went to see Suzanne. She worked with me to help me release my grief and sadness, and after only one session with her, my grief is no longer an issue. I will always miss my boy, but now that the grief has passed I can remember him far more clearly, and can enjoy my memories of him without feeling so much pain. Thank you Suzanne xxx
  • EC
    I would like to thank Suzanne for the professional and confidential help I have received recently. My life has been enhanced and I feel that I have things in perspective now. Childhood and parental issues, relationship complications together with a lifelong phobia deeply buried have been addressed and I feel much more confident, calmer and more in control of my life which is a very good feeling!
  • Caroline
    Dear Suzanne Thanks so much for helping me. I really feel like this weight has lifted from the pit of my stomach. I am really going to consciously absorb everything that you have said, which was so honest and to the point. It is so good to be able to talk to someone so genuine and professional. You are brilliant at what you do and deserve every bit of success from helping people. Thanks again Suzanne.
  • Tori
    Hi Suzanne Due to life, and being overly busy I haven't had chance since getting married to thank you. I'm finally writing to say a big fat thank you for all the time and support you gave me before the wedding. I was a little dubious about the tapping treatment you were offering as it sounded slightly far-fetched, but after trying it, I was calmer and able to deal with and work through the pain that I was experiencing. I honestly am still shocked that I not only managed to walk down the aisle on my big day, but that I was able to do the dance my husband and I had learnt together. My leg is now almost 100% and I'm training and living perfectly normal again I doubt I would have been able to enjoy the biggest day of my life without the treatment through Tapping and support you gave me. Thank you again for everything Love Tori xxxx
  • Laura A. Cullen, USA
    Hi Suzanne When I first connected with Suzanne it was Christmas Eve. She offered a free 30 minute strategy session to help relieve holiday stress; as an early Christmas present. I was overwhelmed and feeling depleted and desperately needing support. I was sleep deprived and clueless on how to get my gifts out into the world and run a successful business. I was struggling to get my EFT practice up and running while balancing being a new mom. My son was 6 months old and I dreamed of having a thriving EFT practice and being able to spend quality time with him. I was spinning my wheels and struggling to find the time and energy to create my vision of helping others. After tapping with Suzanne not only did I feel supported, my life changed. With her guidance I cleared blocks and was no longer in a state of overwhelm. I was able to live in my life with more balance. Working with Suzanne was the best Christmas gift I could have ever gotten... She really wanted me to be successful and balanced in my life and enjoy motherhood. I Don't know where I would be today had I not invested in her program... probably working fulltime in my J-O-B hating my life and having to put my son in daycare... instead I am working from home and I have the time freedom needed to have quality time and control over my schedule. I now have the balance needed to be the mom I want to be and consciously parent my son. I have the freedom I only dreamed about. She was the spring board for me to really put the actions needed into my business to make it go from being a dream into a reality. She opened the doors for me. She provided so many resources and clear strategic actions steps. With an open loving generous heart she helped me heal mine and I am forever grateful.
  • Debs Jones

    I went to see Suzanne on the recommendation of my Dad who has been treated by her a few times now and has always come back with glowing reports of how much better he was feeling.  I must admit I was a little dubious at first, not really knowing what to expect and not really understanding how Tapping on something could stop my pain.

    I have had back problems for 12 years now (I’m 33 years old) having had two operations and over the years have had to either live with the pain or take very strong painkillers, which is not something I wanted to do all throughout my life.

    A couple of months before going to see Suzanne I also developed tennis elbow which was really affecting my work. After being told by the doctors there wasn’t much they could do, it would just take time, I decided I would see what my Dad had been raving about and see Suzanne.

    The difference after just one session was almost unbelievable. Now as I said I was a bit sceptical, but I could literally feel the pain easing there and then.  After the treatment I cut down significantly on painkillers (my body wouldn’t allow me to just stop) and within 10 days, I was off them completely.  Now I’m not saying the pain has completely gone, but the amount it has reduced I can live with comfortably without the need for any painkillers.

  • Neil

    NeilSuzanne has worked for me for 6 years now.  I employed her as my PA because I wanted to be independent and achieve something with my life.

    I have Cerebral Palsy and whilst I can stand with the help of a frame, I spend most of my time in my wheelchair.

    I went to mainstream school and college where I learnt to use a computer, but when I turned 20 I moved into my own home and had a constant stream of Carers come into my home on a daily basis to help me get up and changed, clean my house, prepare food.  If I was lucky, they might take me out into town or to a movie.  The rest of the time I was told  “Go watch TV and stay out the way”

    My parents lived over an hour away and my twin sister and younger brother had their own lives to be getting on with, so I put up with this life for 15 years.  Then I was told that they were changing the way benefits were paid, and that I could take control of who I employed and what they did.   That’s when I met and hired Suzanne.

    I wanted to be independent and to do things for myself, but no one would let me, because it was “easier” for them to get it done.  Suzanne wouldn’t do anything for me, unless I asked her to, and I loved it!  She helped me to change so many beliefs based on what I was capable of, and even ones I didn’t know I had.

    Now I speak properly because I have to if I want people to understand me, I am confident to go into town on a bus or order a taxi and do my own shopping on my own.  I have a part time job and I have a social life, where my friend will now pop in and stay for a cup of tea and a chat.  Something they never did before because the Carers made them feel uncomfortable and would listen in on the conversations.

    Best of all, Suzanne taught me how to Tap, so when I get anxious or start to doubt myself, I can control my emotions which means that I am now more assertive, confident and stand up for myself.  Because of this I had the confidence to apply for a grant to have my kitchen redesigned for a wheelchair user, something EVERYONE said was a waste of time and wouldn’t happen because I would never be able to cook for myself.

    What they didn’t know was that Suzanne had been teaching me to cook in a kitchen for people who can stand, so when my grant was approved, it was amazing!  I now have a home I am proud to call my own.

    I can’t believe how much my life has changed in just 6 years.  I have never met someone like Suzanne, what is special about her is that if you have a dream, a vision, she will show you how to make it become real.  I know because she did that for me.  I wish her all the best in her future, I feel lucky to call her my friend.

  • Sue Cocksedge

    I work in a packing factory which involves moving pallets, and about 2 years ago, I pulled a pallet down and it dropped onto my leg. It grazed the skin on my leg down to the bone which resulted in me going to the hospital and having 3 days off. Although I went back to work the leg was still swollen and painful, which compromised how much work I could do and I was worried I would lose my job.

    Suzanne came to visit and asked if I wanted to do some tapping for the pain, but I didn’t believe in therapy of any sort, but she insisted because I was in so much pain.  After Tapping  for several minutes, Suzanne told me to see how bad the pain still was by going up her staircase, as that is when I experienced the most pain when I’m at work.  I held onto the bannister to take the pressure off my leg, but there was just the slightest ache.

    We tapped for a few more minutes and when I went up the stairs for the 2nd time, there was no pain.  I couldn’t believe it as I thought I would just humour her, and really hadn’t  expected a result.

    The pain did come back slightly several weeks later but it was nothing like it originally was.

    Last year I developed pain in my hips, which the Doctor at the hospital diagnosed as arthritis.

    When Suzanne noticed I was limping, I told her about the arthritis, and the fact that once again I was struggling to climb my stairs. I was in so much pain at the end of the day that I could only climb the stairs to bed on all fours.  So once again we tapped, just on the pain, and once again the tapping worked to relieve the pain, which this time was due to arthritis. Suzanne gave me 2 different scripts to take home, so if the pain returned, I could tap on it and reduce the pain level which I did do, enabling me to continue going to work without having to take time off.

    3 months later now, I’m not taking any medication for arthritis, and the pain is just an occasional ache and I no longer feel the need to tap.