How It Works

In the past the way to move ahead was all about Willpower and Determination and sweeping every negative experience you had had to date, literally "Under the Carpet"

The problem is, what is swept under the carpet is the emotional element of the experience that you are trying to forget and move on from.

Having an "emotional connection" to an experience and being an "emotional person" is different though, and that's is what is only now being realised with regards to how and why people act and think the way they do.

What has now been proven is that when you have a traumatic experience, (not everyone experiences situations in the same way), you cause a disruption in your energy flow within your body. Over time these disruptions can cause blocks.

Your body is out of balance, and this is expressed through Psychological and/or Physical ailments.

Relieve stress at the beach

Excessive Stress is a recognised cause of illnesses. To achieve a long term cure, you need to look at the Cause of the Stress and the associated emotions. Having found the origin of the stress, you release the negativity around the situation and you replace the negativity with positive thoughts.


Put simply you look at the situation in a different light, which allows you to move forward. This last part is what many find difficult to do, because when you are so set in your beliefs and thought patterns, it can be very difficult to see life in a different perspective.


The way you think is a HABIT

Habits can be broken and new ones made by combining Talk Therapy with Energy Healing, turning your life around within weeks and sometimes days.

If you have tried to "sweep issues under the carpet" or you aren't as healthy as you would like to be, then ask yourself,

"What have I got to lose by suspending my beliefs and trying something new that could give me the results I want to achieve?"

Lower your Stress Levels with Suzanne Ellison

If you want to experience what it would feel like to lower your own Stress Levels, then Download my Report that walks you through how to pinpoint what is causing your Stress, and then how to Tap using EFT to lower your Stress, leaving you feeling calmer and more capable of addressing the Cause.

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