From an early age the word WHY has been a part of my vocabulary. And even today as an adult it's still an important word in my life, because I NEVER want to stop learning.

I question what I hear, read or am told, because I want to know more about what is being discussed. To many people go through life just accepting what they are told, without always understanding WHY they are doing or believe something.

I've never thought the answer... "Because that's the way it is!" was an acceptable answer to anything.

Suzanne Ellison

Are you at that point where you are questioning
WHY your life is the way it is?


When I was 19 I got married and went to live in rural Africa, on a farm in a small white farming community. I wanted to fit in and be part of the community so I listened and learnt and tried to be the perfect wife and community member.

But it was difficult, because I had different thoughts and ideas, which were in conflict with the way things had been done in the community for years.

I enjoy learning and developing ideas, so I started a business in my kitchen, making ice cream because no one in the country was doing it on a commercial basis.

McDougall's Ice Cream Over 25 years it grew into a national brand, along with a further 7 dairy products. I bought 10 Jersey Cow, so I could be self sufficient in milk, cream and butter. 25 years later my 10 cows had multiplied into a herd of 200!

I learned to do every aspect of my businesses myself, before delegating and teaching my employees how to do various jobs. Some of my employees had never even had the privilege of going to school.

Despite being successful with my businesses, I still spent my life trying to please others and not really succeeding in pleasing anyone. Least of all myself.


Have you felt like this?


Frustration was my biggest enemy. Not having anyone I could ask advice of, or to give me support made me feel very isolated. Frustration can also be mistaken for Victimization.

People hear you complaining, but not doing anything about the problem. The reason being that you don't know what the solution is! So you don't know what steps to take to improve the situation.

I knew "a solution" but it was so drastic, that I thought I was being dramatic in contemplating it, so I kept trying less effective ways to sort things out, which of course didn't work, because I was in denial about what I really needed to do.

The answer for me, which I finally acknowledged was to leave the environment I was living in. That included my marriage, my businesses and ultimately the country I had lived in for the past 27 years.


I was a square peg desperately trying to fit into a round hole and it just wasn't working.


I had become depressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, with no confidence in myself and a non-existent self-esteem.

What I also learnt, is that when you get that low, you are opening the door to illness and sickness.


That was when I realised that things had to change.


So I took the drastic solution and left my marriage, my businesses and the country I was living in and moved to England to start a new life.

I had a diploma in Counselling by this time, so I was able to understand a lot of my problems, but emotions play a big part in determining the thoughts you have and when you try to change old habits and patterns, it's not all about Willpower, Determination and Focus.

I had created a new life for myself, but I was still holding onto all the emotional baggage.

I do believe that life is to be enjoyed and it's not all about deprivation and struggle.

Yet I felt I was still being held hostage by the Beliefs of the community I had lived in.


Then I discovered EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique.


Emotional Freedom!

A simple technique that allows you to release every negative thought and emotion you have, and in the process you are able to,

Stop Thinking about the Past, Enjoy the Moment and Focus on the Future

EFT has not only freed me from my emotional baggage, but I am so much more conscious about how I think, and whenever I catch myself thinking negative thoughts about anything, I can Tap it out.

Using EFT put me in a positive frame of mind which enables me to see the the good parts of life and learn from the negative parts so that I don't make the same mistakes over and over again.

It has made me so passionate now, about helping people get on the right track of their life. I knew it before, but I have learnt even more information that confirms


You Can Have the Life that You Dream of!


What EFT offers that other methods haven't in the past is a solution not just to the Symptoms, but also to the Cause.

I use EFT on myself to deal with issues going back to my childhood, and, just the other day, when I was being paranoid that my car was going to break down on a long journey I had to go on.

I loved being able to teach and help my employees be better at their job when they worked with me in the Dairy and in the making of all my different dairy products.

Zambia Supervisor and Family And I still go back to Zambia and meet up with my Supervisor and his Family when I can.

But what is even better is that I am now able to use my experiences to help other people to improve their lives.

To go from "My life is what it is and there's nothing I can do to change that"

To thinking about what they want their life to be like, because everyone has the ability to create a better life for themselves

You need to have a goal/vision, but you also need to be able to drill down and uncover the beliefs you have that are responsible for sabotaging your efforts to create your ideal life.

Once you know what they are, you can then use a combination of techniques, such as EFT and Counselling/Talk Therapy to release old beliefs and replace them with thoughts and actions that will give you what you want.


It is possible, I did it and so can you!


When you allow life's challenges to affect you negatively, you are giving away control, and allowing mental and physical illnesses into your life.

You have the ability to change. Your personality is not fixed for the rest of your life. It has now been scientifically proven that you can change. With Effort and Practice, comes Change.

If you're ready for the challenge it doesn't have to take you years. Work with me so you can benefit from my years of experience and lets ReDzine Your Life.

Suzanne Ellison Sign-Off